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SESA factory, from Marche, Italy, was found in 1976. During the '70s, many factories worked for American corporations such as Timberland or Bata to provide Handsewn Moccasin shoes like Camp Moccasins or Coin Loafers.

It is very rare to find factories that could produce true hand sewn mocassin shoes, nowadays. However, the SESA factory thinks this particular technique has to be its fundamentals for the factory, thus they keep its facility and techniques by now.


In 2019, SESA companies son, Marco visited Japan to exhibit its collection at a tradeshow, he met a famous buyer from a Japanese store. The buyer pointed out SESA companies college loafer samples and he advised Marco to visit "Koenji, Tokyo" to see 80's American used garments. Marco could found original Made in USA shoes which were very similar style Marco used to see in his factory during the '80s.


Marco found his direction upon his visit to Koenji, Tokyo. The inspiration was from a mixed culture that Japanese style restaurants and American used clothing stores…


SESA is our heritage collection, an exploration through our original archive models and classic standards,

highlighting our strong knowledge of moccasins and hand-sewn products, loyal to traditional craftsmanship.


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