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From Muu brand is a brand but at the same time the brand represent Muu's art form.

Aside from Munqa, Muu pursues his career as an Artist.


Muu was born in Kanagawa in 1977.

During his youth, he heavily influenced by Shonan culture which relates with biking(BMX), surfing, and skateboarding.

After graduating from the art university, became a designer for a toy company and then began work as an independent modeling artist.

His artwork starts from collecting variety of materials from vintage clothing to old stuffed dolls. Then, he use a variety of methods like painting, embroidery, dyeing, beadwork, sewing, so on to make his special art work.

Currently, he is highly active with creation and collaboration.


Representation territory:



We work as Muu's management.

Exibition, collaboration, or any inquiry, you can contact us, too.


More info, visit the brand's official website.

Just click Logo.

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