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Imjit35020 started in 2016 from Due Carrare Italy to create and produce highest standard denim using finest fabric in its own workshop.

The workshop, they called it the laboratory, continuously pursue its artisanal work and producing sustainable products. The brand also take a request for bespoke work.


The Laboratory founded in 1988 specialized to produce pants and 5 pockets denim.

The lab collaborate sample line and production for big Maisons, such as Diesel, Dsquared, Vivienne Westwood, Martin Margiela, Rick Howens, Maison Dior, Wales Bonner. At the same time, they keep continuing studying materials, cultures and saving Italian manufacturing culture on top of its long history of manufacturing.


Now, IMjit35020 has been accepted in selected retailers in EU to share the value of products, as well as from the denimheads to fashion enthusiast.

Representation territory:



More info, visit the brand's official website.

Just click Logo.

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