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Munqa is life-style brand which is orginated by the artist, Muu, started in 2010.

"Munqa" means Large Field from Native American Hopi tribe Language.


The Concept is " NEWTIVE :  NEW + Native"

Brand's theme is mixing what he influenced and folk art or Ethnic art.

The Brand, Munqa, is pursue Native design arranged by Muu.


All of Munqa jewelries are made by Starling Silver.

We worked with Japanese skilled artisans and they make those silver Jewerly one by one.

The process is as same as making native american jewerly.

Munqa has been trying to avoid to use cast technique to make those Silver Accessories.

Thus, every single products has slightly different face or shape.


Munqa T-shirts are truly made in Japan with 40/2 Combed cotton.

Details are a bit over-size and round edge design.


Representation territory:




More info, visit the brand's official website.

Just click Logo.

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