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Nyuzeless is a Japanese down wear brand.

The brand is modernizing garments with essence of Vintage clothes good old American work and military wear.


Before the Designer launch the Nyuzeless collection, he was interested in animals' warmth system that keep such animals warm during cold weather. So, he was working with down, mouton, and leather products.

During his primary job, he thought it will be good to have a down jacket for the beach or city, but not for the mountain.  His down jackets are casual enough to wear them over shorts or t-shirts in a bit chili day.

This is how he started this brand.


Nyuzeless try to define that design does not have to be always new but there is a way to be innovative by mixing functional fabrics and down to good old Americana items.

He is trying to make more casual and useful down wear.


Representation territory:

Worldwide except Japan

More info, visit the brand's official website.

Just click Logo.

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