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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Universal design but adding something new to align world trend

In 2014, the Designer and visionary, Mr. Masahiro Tanabe, started a brand called “NYUZELESS.” The brand in the market for quite a while, now. I met him during the market in Las Vegas a few years ago.


NYUZELESS Collection is based on good old days Americana work and military garments and designer reconstruct and modernize those garments’ essence. Collaborate with a textile graphic designer, Nyuzeless creates specially designed textiles for collection themes that enlighten the brand’s culture and visions.

The designer was interested in the system in which animals or birds keep their warmth during harsh winter weather, therefore, he was working related to a down jacket, Mouton, or leather. Nyuzeless brand was born with this background and he founded a brand that is aimed to make a casual down jacket brand. Those jackets are intended to wear over t-shirts or shorts when they go out to the beach or city.

Those jackets are well-considered for travelers ( maybe I could say jet-setters) that removable liners work very well. (This depends on models that some are not possible to detach liners).

- Packable down liner can minimize your carry-ons

- Lightweight poly-cotton water repellent outer.

- Layerable jacket made it easier to adjust outside temperature.

- Still, those jackets are not too rugged to wear for work, formal meetings, or dates.

- Liners can also wear it as an outer for occasionally.

Unfortunately, the 2020AW season was not good for the brand and they decided to take a break for the 21SS season collection due to the COVID pandemic which probably for a lot of brands as well.

Here I want to share some of the photos of the 20AW products.

It should be about a time NYUZELESS web site will be renewed sometime very soon with some new features.

If there is something new or update, I will inform you through Instagram or this blog.

As an agent for this brand, we are looking forward to introducing products to new potential customers outside Japan with the 21AW collection. I think that NYUZELSS philosophy is matched what is happening in this world. It is time to consider how to living with nature.

Thank you for your time,

Take care and see you next time!



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