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WPS005: Apr. 4th 2021


  1. First of all

  2. Blog

  3. Let's have some fun together

1.First of all

Last year, I started this blog full of motivation and a positive vibe… Unfortunately, the timing was not that great moment when I needed to prepare an exhibition we had in Tokyo… So that, I stopped writing…or I may say I could not write as I planned.

It's been a super tough time due to a pandemic that everybody hard to see and plan coming month.

I stayed in Japan for a while and lived with my parents there. The situation in Japan was not that bad at that time, so I could have some time to travel to see something I could not usually go: Half business and half personal.

I could conclude that my 2020 was OK considering we all were in a Pandemic situation.

I must work hard to make 2021 better than last year, although the situation has not been fully recovered and we all still need to care for COVID.

But what can we do? We only need to do what we could do at the time.

We need to admit this inconvenient moment and take care of ourselves.


So anyway, I was kind of impressed myself that I made my statement about how important to output my thought and sharing brand info to people, I stopped writing this after 3 times… wow…

In 2021, I started to work with more brands compared to last year, I must have some space outside Instagram to express my thought, input more information to myself and output my thought regular basis.

I decided to write some once a week at least in Japanese and in English: some brands I do not deal with in Japan, so that case, it will be fully English only.

To be honest, I did not expect that pandemic would continue this long and people are still struggling to get over with this disease but also economic hardship to live. Our type of business is strongly affected by these incidents: stay home and need to keep the money for food situation.

However, here is what I thought: we cannot stop and worry too much about what would happen next. We need to work harder than ever to get more business.

I need to make 2021 better than ever… it's already April, though.

3. Let's have some fun together

I better take off for now, today.

This winter season sales campaign was tough… but what can I say.

I only see what in front of me and do my best.

See you next week!



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