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WPS007: Apr. 17th 2021


  1. weekly update

  2. about Muu

  3. Post Script...

Weekly updates

So, I started to pay more attention to write something once a week, I realize week passes ultra-fast than I have ever felt... I am not used to this type of activity as my weekly habit. Soon, this will be normal, I hope.

I realize it's almost May which means 2021 already passed 1/3 of the whole length... I am starting to worry about campaigns for the 22SS season. I need to put more effort to make sales in the US as well as Japan, however, we cannot predict or expect what would happen in even the next few weeks. In addition to that, my travel plan will be considered upon Olympics, emergency level of COVID, or economical issues... etc... Obviously, it is the time that we do not have any control over anything.

I need to manage to keep my motivation level as high as possible.

about Muu

Since the very beginning, I have posted his work on Instagram when I started this On the ParkStreet Project. I had been impressed by his incredible work and gave me so many inspirations. I believed there are so many opportunities for him to step outside Japan.

Born in Kanagawa in 1977. He was influenced by Shonan culture, so raised with biking, surfing, and skating. After graduating from art college, he became a designer for a toy company and then began work as an artist. He Creates works based on personal influence using a variety of methods: painting, embroidery, dyeing, beadwork, sewing, etc.

He is currently highly active in artwork creation, collaborative

When I met him really the first time, he was exhibiting his "from Muu" line in the showroom at Daikanyama, Tokyo and it was about 5 to 6 years ago.

My first impression was wordless that I do not know how to express the feeling.

The experience was like stepping into his brain. Everything there was something familiar but processed by his brain made everything so catchy and POP.

By the way, I used the word "POP" when I explain his work to others and I do not know other good suitable simple words to express his work. If somebody got a nice one, please tell me.

Anyways, I do not have all pictures but sharing some with you below.

When I heard that he had never been to the USA when I met him, That's adding more surprise...All the motives he used were from the USA cultures but only seeing them from Japan.

A more important aspect I need to mention is that all work has been done by himself. All those small beaded work, an enormous amount of checker flag painting, and of course all stuffed dolls were made by him by hand.

Munqa items are not actually made by him: Munqa silver jewelry is made by others and Muu is just designing each piece.

I once asked Muu how he manages all those small handworks that require an incredible amount of concentration which we can easily guess how much it takes to be done.

To explain, I need to mention his disability now. He has difficulty in hearing.

He told me that the particular difficulty made him super easy to concentrate in his world to create something incredible work.

Soon, I need to make some interviews with Muu to share more ideas such as his hero, his motivation, his inspiration, and most importantly his thoughts on modern art.

Also, in the separate articles, I will write about From Muu and Munqa lines.

Post Script:

This is just 3rd time that I post weekly... I realize that how difficult to manage a blog regular basis: the tough part is not writing. The toughest part is to organize what I would like to write and build up a good sentence with a good amount of reading...

I feel like I need more and more practice.

See you next week,



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