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WPS008: MAY 8th 2021


  1. Skipped 2 weeks...

  2. From Muu

  3. Postscript: back to normal?

1. Skipped 2 weeks...

Oops, I did it again… I skipped two weeks ….

I was trying to think about what to write and more and more things that I needed to take care of ASAP… so, I move this task priority from high to low…

My most high-priority task was to arrange photo shooting for the IMjiT35020 brand in Las Vegas… choose a location, think coordinate, prepare all items… This was kind of my first time to do this type of job fully organized myself… I did not expect that I needed that much time. Learned from the lesson.

Here some preview:

2. From Muu

This week, I would like to share some more detailed info about the "from Muu" collection.

As I mentioned in a previous article Japanese Artist Muu is releasing 2 brands: From Muu & Munqa. The differences are From the Muu brand is focusing on artistic work and creative work. On the other hand, the Munqa brand is focusing design. In fact, Munqa jewelry is not made by Muu himself.

From Muu collections consist of remake garments of used military garments and used denim ( Jacket, shirts, and Jeans). Some are changed construction and some are just decorated by Muu.

The essence of these garments are Pieces of art from artist Muu.

Muu chose used garments as his canvas or material to express his art. Somehow, "remake" used clothes became a kind of a trend these days, even wearing used military garments with some designer clothes became very popular. The from Muu items are still stands among them, because of the artwork/ handwork from Muu's passion

Here are some techniques he uses:




Dyeing / Tie-Dye

Quilting / Patchwork

Reconstruct garments (remake)

Here some pics of his creation:

All procedures are done by Muu himself from buying the garments to finish.

In the previous article, I stated his difficulty and that difference made him easier to concentrate much longer period than regular people.

He always said:

"Even though the remake garments become a trend and many others started to create something similar with his work, It won't be the same considering the time and effort he puts to create 1 garment. To make something good, it takes time and the one needs to make it by him or herself."

Currently, he is in the progress to finalize a new collection. I still do not know what would be the motives or what types of garments he will make. But for sure, those will be something very significant.

We better do some interviews with him to ask his deeper thought, soon.

3. PostScript

So, when I visited Las Vegas, Nevada, I felt like the situation has solved and started to get back to our normal life… is it really true? I personally do not mind meeting some random people with Masks though, I still try to avoid being in large crowds…

It was really interesting when you cross the state line which separates Republicans vs Democrats. Masks or No masks…

Well, one thing for sure: the virus does not have political interest…. Haha

To be honest, I just done my 1st dose of vaccination.

See you next time!



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